Sofradir EC - Uncooled Infrared Detectors/Cores Meet New Performance Targets

High Resolution Uncooled Camera Achieves New Levels of Performance

New high resolution uncooled cameras yield remarkable resolution and sensitivity resulting in sharp, highly contrasted thermal images excellent detail for tactical and surveillance applications.

Uncooled microbolometer camera cores have increased in popularity for a variety of defense and commercial applications including driver’s vision enhancement, thermal weapon sights, surveillance, thermography and more. Improvements in microbolometer technology including enhancements in both thermal sensitivity and spatial resolution, have enabled the development of a very high resolution uncooled XGA (1024x768 pixel) camera core. Due to a combination of low power electronic designs, proprietary calibration methods, and a new 17μm pixel pitch ASi microbolometer, a rugged multi-purpose XGA camera core has been developed. The result delivers far better detection range and angle-of-view performance than previous uncooled solutions with frame rates of 30Hz in XGA mode and 60 Hz in VGA mode. Despite the high performance capability, the camera core has been designed to be optimized for size, weight, and power (SWaP).

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New Uncooled VGA Detector Designed for Compact, Low Power Thermal Imaging Systems

Improvements in ASi technology make these detectors ideal for day/night security monitoring applications because of solar overexposure protection.

A new VGA 640x480 uncooled microbolometer detector has been developed based on 17 micron pitch amorphous silicon technology. The detector has been perfected by ULIS in collaboration with CEA/LETI, and takes advantage of all the ROIC innovations from prior generations of 25 μm pitch ASi detectors including a serial link interface for setting detector configuration, TEC-less design, low power consumption, excellent uniformity, short thermal time constant and wide dynamic range. The specific appeal of this detector is the reduction in pixel pitch that has resulted in the possibility of lower power, smaller and lower cost product designs. This enables the possibility of new applications including portable and compact thermal imaging systems. This article describes the electro-optical performance of this new IR FPA as well as design trade-offs that have resulted in wide thermal dynamic range, high resolution, excellent uniformity and high pixel operability.

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ATOM 1024 and ATOM 640 Uncooled IR Cameras
The ATOM™ 1024 and ATOM™ 640 uncooled infrared cameras incorporate ULIS advanced all-silicon microbolometer detector arrays with state-of-the-art 17 micron pixel pitch technology. Despite their small compact size and low power consumption, these cameras deliver excellent image quality and are easy to integrate into a wide range of military and COTS thermal imaging systems. The ATOM's short thermal time constant produces superior thermal image quality, even while imaging fast moving objects, making the cameras an ideal choice for handheld, ground vehicle and airborne EOIR platforms as well as advanced fusion-based night vision systems.
Uncooled Infrared Detectors and Cores

Uncooled detectors and cores are available from 1024x768 down to 160x120 pixel arrays for both high performance and commercial applications. Uncooled core electronics provide digital video output for integration into OEM products. Applications include: night vision, thermal imaging, infrared inspection, security, R&D and fire service. If you seek to develop a product or sub-system having infrared capabilities with custom requirements, contact us.

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