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From the Editor

ARC-FLASH and NFPA 70E Explained

Has NFPA 70E Changed Your Life?

EZTherm XP: Featuring Fusing of thermal/visible Images

Product of the Month: HotShot ECAB

Camera Evaluation Guide

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From the Editor

The Promise of Uncooled Realized.

After 20 years of experience in the thermal camera business, it is fascinating to look back at how our industry has changed. I am struck by the fact that the industry has changed more in the past 2 years than it had in the prior 18 years. I call the phenomena of the past two years, "the promise of uncooled technology realized".

The introduction of the first uncooled cameras in 1997 was a major technological achievement, and a milestone that was built upon a nearly 13-year effort to commercialize uncooled focal plane array sensors. Over the past 8 years uncooled technology has become an important technology in fire fighting, industrial inspection, security and defense. The infrared detector industry is about to pass a very significant milestone this year by producing more than 100,000 microbolometer image sensors! The infrared camera industry is set to grow as price points are putting the power of thermal imaging into more and more hands.

So what does the future hold? Buyers will see more selection, lower prices and ever increasing performance. Take our new EZTHERM XP for example. We have added the fusing of thermal/visible images, all without increasing the costs over the prior generation camera.

Arc-flash and NFPA 70E

Anyone responsible for working with high voltage electrical systems is likely aware of arc-flash potential and regulations aimed at minimizing the risk to workers inspecting electrical apparatus.

Arc-flash boundaries are required around electrical equipment when a worker is within a distance of an energized component at which the potential for injury exists. Equipment energized below 240V need not be considered, unless fed by a 112.5KVA transformer or larger.

The arc-flash boundary is a distance at which a person working any closer at the time of an arc-flash may receive permanent injury (the onset of second degree burn or worse) if not properly protected by flame-resistant (FR) clothing. Research has shown that permanent injury results from arc-flash with incident energy of 1.2 calories/centimeter2 (cal/cm2) or greater at the skin's surface.

NFPA 70E requires the employer provide FR clothing and other PPE when working within the arc-flash boundary. Selection of FR clothing is based on the level of incident energy the individual will be exposed to in the event of an arc-flash. The level of incident energy is a function of the distance the individual is from the arc-flash.

Hazard/Risk Categories of FR Clothing

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.269 Electrical Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution

Let of Arc-flash Potential Potential Exposure FR Clothing

Category 0

0-2 cal/cm2 Non-melting flammable 4.5 oz

Category 1

2-4 cal/cm2 FR shirt and FR pants

Category 2

4-8 cal/cm2 Cotton underwear and FR shirt and FR pants

Category 3

8-25 cal/cm2 Cotton underwear and FR shirt and FR pants plus FR coveralls

Category 4

25-40 cal/cm2 Cotton underwear and FR shirt and FR pants plus double layer switching coat and pants

For more information on Arc-flash, click on the link below to download literature.

Download PDF file here

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Attention Infrared Thermographers:
Has NFPA 70E Changed Your Life?

We are currently conducting a study to learn how NFPA 70E and Arc-flash rules have affected your infrared surveys.

Your answers are very important so we urge you to take less than 5 minutes to answer these questions.

You can choose to remain anonymous or you can submit your contact details to get the compiled report delivered before it is released to the public. This survey is confidential. 

This survey is closed.

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Introducing the NEW EZTherm XP
Featuring Fusing of Thermal/Visible Images

EZTHERM XP with advanced fusing of thermal/visible images makes it easier than ever to understand heat-related problems and defects in plant equipment.

The new EZTHERM XP is a high performance infrared camera featuring 320x240 resolution running at a 60Hz and features our unique fusing of thermal/visible images capability. Combine visual and thermal images with simply controls over the level of thermal or visual imagery between 0 and 100%.

If you have never seen thermal and visual images fused in real time we encourage you to contact your local dealer to see for yourself.

Product Page


Visible Image 100% Thermal and Visible 50% Thermal Image 100%


  Mix visual and infrared cameras with fusion processing 60Hz frame rate  
  Auto hot/cold spot detection 500°C calibration (900°C and 2000°C calibrations optional)  
  FireWire Real-time digital output (optional) Lightweight (3.5 lbs.) IP-56 rated housing  
  Application-specific auto scale feature Intuitive interface  

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Product of the Month: HotShot ECAB

In response to the demands by electrical inspection professionals and NFPA safety compliance demands, Electrophysics has created the HotShot ECAB (Electrical Cabinet model) that bundles the HotShot LT and our wide-angle lens specifically designed to work with small 2” infrared sight windows. The HotShot ECAB works with windows by Atlas Inspections and HawkIR. HotShot’s rotating infrared camera and motorized focus makes it easy to butt the camera lens against windows between floor level and overhead and focus and view the inside of the cabinet.

HotShot ECAB may be the best solution to high voltage switchgear inspection available in the market today!

Product Page

  Close focus (2 inches) wide angle lens included  
  Motorized lens focus enables you to focus while lens is placed against window  
  1-inch diameter wide-angle lens makes it easy to view a larger area inside cabinets through small lower cost windows  
  Rotating IR camera makes it easy to view through windows mounted at floor and overhead levels  

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Camera Evaluation Guide

Evaluating cameras has grown increasingly time-consuming, due to a wider selection of models and often confusing specifications.

Electrophysics has created a powerful, but simple-to-use tool that enables anyone evaluating a thermal camera to evaluate a camera for a wide range of system attributes including ergonomics, image quality, measurement performance, PC interface and many more.

Download this useful tool and try it out.

Get Guide






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