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Electrophysics is a leader in advanced night vision and infrared imaging camera development and is looking for sales professionals who understand what it means to serve the needs of our customers and appreciate satisfying customers with excellent products and services. By joining our team of representatives and distributors you can participate in the exciting and lucrative markets for night vision and infrared imaging cameras. Electrophysics is dedicated to becoming your next important business partner and understands what you need to be successful including good commission rates, resale discounts, training, great after-sale support and great lead flow.

Electrophysics offers three distinct product lines:

        Thermal Imaging

Portable and non-portable calibrated cameras designed to measure temperature,including:

Portable cameras designed for predictive maintenance inspection of electrical, mechanical and buildings.

Portable cameras for other applications such as energy audits, building remediation and pest control.

Fixed cameras for process control and test and measurement.

        Night Vision

Products designed for military and commercial surveillance and security applications, featuring:

Image intensifiers
High performance Gen III night vision photography and videography solutions.

Infrared focal plane arrays
High performance cooled and uncooled infrared imaging cameras.

Low light CCD cameras 
Fixed-mount CCTV cameras for day/night imaging with low-light imaging capabilities down to 0.000015 lux.

Laser diode infrared illuminators
Powerful infrared lights for large area and long-range night-time monitoring applications.

        Infrared Imaging

Cameras designed to image the infrared spectrum from 700nm to 16 microns.

Photovoltaic detectors (InSb and MCT) based systems delivering highest possible performance.

Uncooled Focal plane array cameras designed for R&D, machine vision, process control, laser beam profiling and non destructive testing.

Infrared Viewers,Cameras and optical accessories for a wide range of infrared imaging applications.

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