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  • >800 meter range
  • Illuminate up to 15 acres
  • Class 1 Eye Safe Device
  • 810 nm wavelength
  • Optional Laser Wavelengths Available
  • >20,000 Hour MTBF
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    ALS-4040 watt Laser Illuminator 
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    Beam Angle20º (H) x 10º (V) 
    Operating Temperature-30º to +60º C 
    Operating Voltage12 volts DC 
    Power20 watts 
    Size16" (L) x 10" (W) x 12" (H) 
    WavelengthStandard 810 nm; optional: 850nm, 950nm 
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    Border Patrol
    Due to increased security concerns, the commitment to secure a nation’s borders has become a priority. Night Vision technology is playing an increased role in shutting down illegal border crossings. Long-range thermal imaging solutions and wide area infrared illuminators combined with low-light monochromatic cameras can render a “line in the sand” impenetrable.

    Coastal Surveillance
    A country’s coast is the most vulnerable area for the incursion of illegal immigrants and terrorists. Long-range detection is critical to ensure the ability to respond to suspicious sighting. In addition, marine based systems are subjected to extremely harsh conditions and system availability is critical to the mission. The ability of a system to handle the environment and see under difficult marine conditions is an important consideration when selecting the right solution.

    Criminal Investigation
    Law enforcement professionals rely on night vision to capture high-resolution images that can greatly assist in a successful prosecution. The ability to capture images in low light that provides facial recognition and vehicle registration identification is now available. AstroScope is easy to install on existing film, digital, and video cameras expanding the capabilities of law enforcement department’s investment in photographic equipment.

    Case Studies
    Learn more about capturing images in low-light

    Force Protection
    Today, confronting terrorism dominates the headlines. The military’s response is to set up a secure perimeter and infrastructure at military installations. Thermal imaging technology provides detection at long range but cannot provide identification. Night vision technology and extreme low-light CCD cameras meet the requirement of identification while still operating in a covert manner.

    Home Land Security
    With today’s security concerns, the demand for cost-effective video security systems is increasing. Thermal and low light night vision based systems are available for wide area surveillance and long-range detection. Electrophysics systems are ideal for large industrial infrastructure facilities including power plants, chemical plants and public areas such as dams and reservoirs and entertainment complexes.

    Public Area Security
    Delivering 24/7 security and surveillance coverage of public areas is a daunting challenge for any public or private community. Today there are new technologies available that upgrade or replace the systems currently used. Extreme low-light CCD cameras are capable of seeing into almost total darkness to produce identifiable images. Banks of stadium lights can be replaced with infrared illuminators that can see farther and in a covert manner.

    Special Operations
    Special Ops units are always the first to go in, usually under the cover of darkness, to identify targets, perform covert intelligence gathering, and threat assessments. Since 1969, Electrophysics has been the leading supplier of sophisticated night vision systems for photographic and video imaging to these elite groups around the globe. Using satellite transmission systems to send images instantly from the remotest locations, targets can be identified and appropriate action taken with no wasted time or chance for the target to escape.

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